ASCIEN Constitution
Article I

  1. The name of the Network is the ASEAN Scholars on International Education Network ("ASCIEN")
  2. The Network was adopted by a Founding Members Committee comprising of university representatives from 4 countries in ASEAN by unanimous resolution on November 22 2016, at Management & Science University in Shah Alam, Malaysia.
  3. The Network shall maintain as a non-profit association governed by a Governing Council, supported by fees for services, and administered by the ASCIEN Secretariat.

Article II

  1. The Network is established to promote the advancement of international programs, activities and exchanges for the harmony and development of the ASEAN region and dedicated to achieve greater cooperation among those working and responsible for higher learning in ASEAN institutions. The Network shall promote student mobility and credit transfer, critical areas of research clusters, mutual development of learning technologies, internationalization of higher education and development of international university standards among institutions in the ASEAN region and those outside of the region. Towards this aim the Network devotes itself to being a hub provider of international higher education in ASEAN while observing the principles of mutual respect, diverse and representative membership, and collective progress.
Article III


The Network is to :
  1. promote exchange information about evolution in higher education in ASEAN as well as globally relevant to the mission of the Network;
  2. establish criteria for the internationalization of higher education within the region and develop methods for evaluating their success;
  3. driving development of strategies for the internationalization of and cooperation among institutions within the ASEAN region and offer suggestions for implementation;
  4. offer diverse relevant networking and facilitate communication with international higher education community in other regions of the world through professional development such as symposiums, workshops, and publications
  5. recommend policies and good practices for international education in conjunction with other institutions and agencies
Article IV

  1. Membership categories include:
    1. Founding Members: the universities that are the members of the Founding Committee which makes up the Governing Council will be from a minimum of 5 countries and maximum of 10 countries in which one university will represent each ASEAN country
    2. Institutional Membership: for institutions of higher education. Each institutional membership covers one (1) individual membership which might be transferable
    3. Other categories of membership as determined by the Governing Council
  2. The specific procedure for application and granting of membership shall be determined by the Governing Council.
  3. The membership is an institutional membership and only representatives who are officially appointed by the institution can be appointed.
Article V

Governing Council
  1. Composition
    The Governing Council shall consist of minimum of five (5) members, namely President, Deputy President and three Vice Presidents plus Council Members and a representative from the institution hosting the Secretariat. All members shall have the right to vote.
  2. Duties
    The affairs of ASCIEN shall be governed by the Governing Council, whose duties include, but are not limited to, exercising leadership in the affairs of ASCIEN; developing its policies, priorities, and positions; providing directions for the development and stewardship of ASCIEN resources; and advising and supporting the ASCIEN Secretariat.
  3. Secretary
    The Secretariat shall serve as the Secretary of the Governing Council, under the direction of the President. The Secretary shall attend all Board Meetings as an ex-officio member without voting rights.
  4. Quorum
    A simple majority of the voting members of the Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
  5. Removal
    A member of the Council may be removed from the office by a simple majority vote of all voting Council members at a meeting called for that purpose.
  6. Frequency and Notice of Board Meeting
    A Governing Council meeting shall be held minimum once a year. Notice of the Council meeting shall be communicated to all members of the Council at least fourteen (14) days in advance.
Article VI

  1. Office
    The location of the ASCIEN Secretariat shall be at Management & Science University (MSU) Shah Alam and will be fully supported financially by Management & Science University (MSU).
  2. Appointment
    The Secretariat shall be appointed by the Governing Council.
  3. Duties
    1. The Secretariat is the administrative center of the Network, under the direction of the President and shall handle all day-to-day matters pertinent to the Network;
    2. The Secretariat shall keep minutes of all Governing Council or committee meetings reflecting at a minimum the names of those in attendance, any resolutions passed, and the outcomes of any votes taken;
    3. The Secretariat shall monitor the financial affairs of ASCIEN including expenditure of the Secretariat office. The Executive Director shall prepare and present an annual budget for approval by the Governing Council and shall present an annual report to the Governing Council and the membership. The Secretariat shall also arrange for an annual audit.
  4. The address of the Secretariat is at Management & Science University (MSU), Shah Alam Malaysia.
Article VII

  1. Any alterations to this Constitution shall receive voting from the members of the Network and a meeting specially called for the purpose provided that notice of any such alteration shall have been received
  2. Such resolutions shall be determined by simple majority vote.
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